The Jones calling Fiji their new home

Janice Jones was only 7 years old when her parents moved to Suva back in 1986 to take up high school teaching positions. Her mom was chemistry teacher while her dad taught technical drawing. Janice grew up learning the Fijian language and customs and had a very healthy island lifestyle until the day she had to return to England in 1992. She finished off high school and attended a prominent university where she met her husband Tim, an investment broker with a popular brokerage firm. Together they started their own stock business and life was all good for the Jones family.
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One Christmas day while out shopping at the local markets, she overheard two women speaking in a language that seemed to trigger her senses. Janice could somehow understand what they were saying. She could not help herself so she intervened, and introduced herself in the Fijian dialect. The two women were amazed. So they all got talking about Fiji and the two women invited her and her family to their residence for dinner. Janice introduced her 2 children, Tony and Grace along with Tim to the Fijian family and everyone had a wonderful time. Vilisiti, the elder of the Fijian women jokingly said “You should retire to Fiji”. That was all that was needed to get Janice into some serious consideration. She spent the following month discussing the idea with her family until nearly 5 months later one Friday evening, they finally agreed.

After all the farewell dinner and speeches, the Jones family were ready to board the airplane bound for the new home in the tropics, Fiji. Returning to her childhood memories brought tears of joy and sadness to Janice. Tim contacted one of the Fiji real estate agents about houses for sale in Fiji and was directed to BigBure, an online realtor that houses numerous properties from many of the local real estate companies. Janice found a school that was in walking distance of their dream home and both Janice and Tim teach at the local university.

None of them want to return to England.


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